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8 great apps for people suffering with dementia

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

If you care for someone who is living with dementia, there’s an ever-growing list of apps which are designed to help your loved ones deal with their condition. Most modern apps are intuitive, user-friendly, and when used on a tablet are much easier to navigate than a traditional desktop computer with a mouse and separate keyboard.

Let’s explore 8 great apps for people suffering with dementia:

1.    MindMate

Used by over half a million people worldwide, and targeted squarely at the Baby Boomer generation, MindMate provides a wide range of physical and mental activities which aim to reduce the speed of cognitive decline.

2.    It’s Done!

A major worry for people who are living with the early stages of dementia is that they forget whether they have done certain tasks in their daily routine – from locking the front door to taking their meds to turning off the stove. They then have to rush home to double check. It’s Done! aims to help by letting them tick off activities on their daily task list as they do them, so they can be sure that the task was completed.

3.    Spaced Retrieval

Spaced Retrieval utilizes a scientifically proven method of recalling answers to a question over a period of time. This embeds the answer and helps dementia-sufferers remember information for longer.

4.    Amuse IT

It can be a struggle to have meaningful conversations with a dementia patient. Amuse IT aims to help here by providing over 1,000 games which stimulate conversation and sharing of experiences.

5.    YouTube

Packed with endless videos and clips, YouTube is an amazing resource to help dementia patients recall television and music from their past.

6.    RecallCue

Designed to support seniors and their family members, RecallCue provides an easy to use day clock which reminds the person you care for about appointments and other calendar events so they feel more in control of what is going on round them. The app also facilitates interaction between the senior and their children and grandchildren by allowing them to share images and connect throughout the day. (OK we are biased… 🙂)

7.    Lumosity

Drawing on decades of scientific research and tests, Lumosity helps delay the onset of dementia by providing powerful cognitive tests and activities to keep the brain stimulated.

8.    House of Memories

This unique app, designed by a museum, draws on images and objects from the past held in the museum’s collection. The House of Memories app allows users to view images from across the decades, sparking memories and helping them talk about these with children and grandchildren.

Learn how RecallCue helps you and the person you care for deal with dementia-related memory loss today.


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