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Be a Great Caregiver...
From Anywhere!

RecallCue is a "connected" Day Clock enriching the lives of your elderly loved ones with the ability to send messages, reminders, photos and more.

1) Get Started with Connect for iPhone or Android Mobile


2) Get Started with Day Clock for iPad or Android Tablet


Enjoy peace of mind, wherever you are


Clear Easy-to-Read Day Clock

Day clocks are a great way to help orient with date, day of week, time, time of day and real- time weather.

Send Messages and Photos


Say hi, send a selfie or post a quick birthday reminder to brighten a loved one’s day. RecallCue lets you share what’s happening in your life, right to the day clock.


Set Alarms and Reminders

Call attention to important events like doctor visits, meal times, wake-up calls and more.


Play Nostalgic Music

Music has been shown to improve mood and provide a calming effect. Use the RecallCue Connect app to search for a playlist and set it to play on any Day Clock.

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Two-Way Video Calls

Connect with your loved one at any time with two-way video calls right on the day clock. To make things easier, calls can even be set to auto-answer.


Share Documents and Files

Make sure your loved one has what they need, when they need it. Upload, organize and display important documents on a day clock. Perfect for medical house calls!

Help your loved ones overcome the feelings of confusion and isolation often associated with memory loss, dementia, or MCI. RecallCue lets you be a great caregiver, no matter where you are!

Get Started with Connect for iPhone or Android Mobile

Get Started with Day Clock for iPad or Android Tablet

How Does RecallCue Work?


RecallCue is a two-app solution. The first, RecallCue Day Clock, turns any iPad or Android tablet into a "hands-off", easy-to-use day clock. The second, RecallCue Connect lets anyone improve the life of a loved one through the day clock, no matter where they are. RecallCue is not intended to cure dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), but rather to help maintain quality of life and family communication for elderly people.

How It Works

Get Started Today!

To get started with RecallCue simply Download and install the RecallCue Day Clock app on an iPad or Android tablet. We recommend using a screen size of at least 9.7″



Plan includes:

- Single Day Clock
- Analog/Digital Display

- Multi Lingual Support
- Light and Dark Modes
- Customized Day Clock Views

Get Started with Connect for iPhone or Android Mobile


All free features plus:



Save 16%

- Send Instant Messages
- Set Alarms and reminders
- Display real time weather info
- Share Photos
- 2 way Video Calls
- Play Music
- Multiple Day Clocks per Account
- Multiple Family Members per Account 
- Google Calendar Integration

7 Day Free Trial

Get Started with Day Clock for iPad or Android Tablet


What Our Users Say!

new testimonials.png

“Your app was just what our family was looking for to help dad. Thank You!”

Francine R.

new testimonials.png

“Your app is a godsend! My father has dementia and has the Day Clock at his house while I control reminders etc from my own phone.”

David K.

new testimonials.png

“What a great idea! My kids are now sending photos to mom all day. Just knowing that they are involved daily gives us all such a great feeling.”

Abby G.

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