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Dementia Clocks Reviews: Best Dementia Day Clocks

We live our lives by the clock, but for seniors living with Alzheimer's, dementia, or other forms of MCI,  the concept of time can be elusive and disorienting. As the disease progresses, tracking time, day of the week, and even being able to tell day from night can be challenging, leading to frustration and confusion. 

Special clocks designed for seniors and those experiencing dementia can help people with memory loss feel more connected to their surroundings. Interchangeably called day clocks or dementia day clocks, these easy-to-read tools clearly display the day, date, time, and day of the week, along with visuals like a sun or a moon to help support daily routines. 

Benefits of Modern Dementia Day Clocks

Day clocks have large displays that are easy to read, even for seniors with low visual acuity or more advanced dementia patients for whom reading is challenging. Many dementia day clocks can be programmed to include mealtime reminders, when to take medication, go to a doctor’s appointment, and just about anything that supports establishing a comfortable routine. 

Some clocks are offered as a stand-alone device, while others are apps that are downloaded to a computer or mobile device. Day clock apps allow greater flexibility in terms of the variety of reminders and messages that can be programmed, helping seniors enjoy greater independence, clarity, and reduced anxiety that may result from missing a meal or forgetting about a family visit or appointment. 

Another benefit of apps over stand alone clocks is that they can be run on several devices and shared with multiple users, like family members or caregivers. 

Now that you know the many benefits of day clocks, the next task is to choose one. There are many day clock models on the market today, but it’s essential to get one that has the features you need to support your loved one’s life and circumstances. 

Today, we’ll run down the types of dementia day clocks and their features, and we’ll review some of the most popular brands to help you choose one that’s right for you. 

Best Dementia Day Clocks

Before we get into our dementia day clock reviews, let’s review the different types of clocks you might encounter. Dementia day clocks can be wall-mounted, free-standing, app-based, or wearable. 

  • Day clocks refer to a type of clock that displays the time of day, for example, morning, afternoon, evening, and nighttime. If your loved one has trouble differentiating between day and night, this type of clock might be helpful. 

  • Day/Night clocks display the time and differentiate the time of day by the background color. They may feature graphics that denote daytime, like a sun and blue sky or a moon and stars at night. 

  • Digital alarm clocks feature a large display and oversized, easy-to-read buttons. Most include programmable alarms to remind the user of critical times, such as time to take their meds or eat a meal. 

  • Talking clocks or watches respond to voice commands, such as “what time is it?” or “what day is it?” etc., while others can be programmed to announce the time at pre-set intervals. 

  • Wearable day clocks may also transmit GPS information to help caregivers keep track of those who tend to wander. Most wearables are battery-powered, so watching the charge and ensuring the individual remembers to wear it is important. 

Dementia Day Clock Reviews

Today’s article will review six of the best dementia day clocks available today. 

RecallCue Device and App

***Best All-Around Dementia Day Clock***

RecallCue is the best all-around dementia day clock (ok ,we are biased here!), offering all the essential features of a day clock with a mobile app’s connectivity. RecallCue turns any iPad or tablet into a day clock and allows family and caregivers to connect to it from their phone to communicate, monitor, and help maintain the loved one’s quality of life. 

Along with standard day clock features like analog and digital displays for day, date, time, and time of day, the display can be highly customized to suit the individual’s style and preferences. Connected users can send instant messages, schedule reminders, share photos, play music, and make video calls directly to the clock. 


  • Low cost compared to other clocks

  • Can run on an existing Android or iOS tablet

  • Separate easy to use app for family members or caregivers

  • Multiple family members can join the account.

  • Two way video calls 

  • Supports over 13 languages


  • Requires internet connection

  • Requires monthly or annual subscription

The basic plan is free; upgrade to Pro for $79.95 per year or $7.99 monthly. Download it from the App Store or Google Play

Robin Dementia Clock

***Best stand-alone design***

Robin is a popular digital day clock brand with a few unique features compared to some of the more basic day clocks. For example, it supports some voice responses with the push of a button and over 20 preset event types. We found that the menu system was very clear and easy to use. We also liked that 3 display size options are available. 

Robin dementia day clock


  • Beautiful screen available in three sizes

  • Easy to navigate menus

  • Many preset event and alarm types

  • Audible alerts


  • Expensive with the smallest screen size starting at $99

  • Fixed messages and alarms

  • Adjustments to the alarms and reminders need to be done onsite with the clock

  • Limited customization of the display


Dayclox is a popular brand, and as dementia day clock reviews go, they are highly rated by users. The size is slightly smaller than the average day clock at 8.5”, and as for features our experience with the clock proved it had the bare minimum. Words on the display are fully spelled out for clarity, and the clock includes a battery backup so it will stay on in case the power goes out. Seniors with low vision like this clock as it’s easy to see from a distance and clearly read, making it a versatile choice, even for people not experiencing memory issues. 

Dayclox dementia clock


  • Clear easy to read display

  • Internal battery backup

  • Low cost

  • Days of the week and months are spelled out (not abbreviated).


  • Tabletop mount only.

  • Very limited features

  • No reminders or photos

Overall, Dayclox is a good choice because of its simplicity—it’s not just for dementia and will be appreciated by any senior with low vision. Purchase from Amazon for $51.95.

Five Senses

Five Senses makes several clocks suitable for memory support. Their digital calendar clock features sun and moon graphics for day and night and has an 8” display showing the day, date, time, and time of day. 

Five senses day clock


  • Auto dims at night.

  • Wall mounted or stand-alone.

  • Bold, colorful images to highlight the time of day and alarm features.

  • Low cost


  • Very limited reminders

  • No photos

  • Can’t customize the display to remove features

  • Only one size screen available

Five Senses also makes talking alarm clocks and pendant watches that speak the time at the touch of a button. The alarm clock can also be set to announce the time at the top of each hour. Both the bedside alarm clock and pendants are battery-operated. 

Final Thoughts: Which Dementia Day Clock is Right for You? 

While there are hundreds of dementia day clocks on the market, choosing one that suits your needs is essential. We believe RecallCue is the best overall for value, features, and versatility, and will help your loved one stay connected to the things they need and the people they love. 

Download a free trial today, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We’re always here to help! 


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