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Navigating Senior Technology: Grandpad vs RecallCue Reviewed

Updated: Feb 5

Senior interacting with a tablet

CES 2024 brought to the forefront a slew of companies in the AgeTech space, demonstrating that this once niche market is maturing and offering a wide variety of solutions . A trend I noticed is that the range of products and devices are becoming more focused and cater to the unique needs of elderly individuals, offering more than just simplified interfaces or larger text sizes. One such category that is seeing more demand is tablets for the elderly. 

When choosing a tablet or similar device for a senior, it's important to consider their specific requirements and how well the device can meet them. Are you looking for a general purpose tablet like an iPad that provides numerous applications and features such as email, web surfing and Netflix? Or do you need a more focused device like a Nook or Kindle intended for reading? Several factors come into play when making this decision, including the user's comfort with technology, cognitive abilities and desired usage of the device.

For seniors, finding the right device for the right job can completely transform their interactions with both the world around them and their loved ones and caregivers. In this article I want explore two specialized devices designed specifically for seniors; GrandPad and RecallCue Day Clock.

Both of these tablets offer features beneficial to seniors, ranging from staying in touch with family to cognitive games. I will explore the target audience for each device, their advantages and disadvantages, pricing details and provide a comprehensive comparison to help you determine which device would suit the senior in your life best.

GrandPad: Simplifying Connectivity for Seniors

The Grandpad tablet

Who is it for?

GrandPad is designed for seniors aged 75 and above, focusing on simplicity and security to keep them connected with their families.


  • Ease of Use: GrandPad replaces multiple devices like cell phones, landlines, and computers with a single, easy-to-use solution.

  • Safety: With built-in 911 emergency calling and a secure family network, it offers peace of mind against elder fraud.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Quick and personalized customer support is available round the clock.


  • Limited to Basic Functions: May not suit seniors who are comfortable with more advanced technology.

  • Price: Could be considered expensive for some, with subscription plans required.


  • Annual Subscription: $65/month (billed yearly at $780, saving $288 vs monthly subscription).

  • Monthly Subscription: $89/month (+ $29 shipping and setup).

Key Features:

  • Voice and video calls.

  • Photo sharing and internet browsing.

  • 4G LTE data plan and emergency 911 calling.

  • Phone number portability.

  • Designed specifically for seniors with no spam or scam calls

RecallCue: A Day Clock and Caregiver Solution

Who is it for?

RecallCue is aimed at seniors with dementia or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), enhancing their care with interactive features.


  • Interactive Communication: Enables sending messages, photos, and reminders to the elderly.

  • Cognitive Support: The day clock feature helps in orienting seniors with time and date.

  • Remote Access: Caregivers can control and interact through the app from anywhere.


  • Device Requirement: Requires an iPad or Android tablet, which might be an additional expense.

  • Limited to RecallCue App: Dependent on the app for all functionalities.


  • Basic Plan: Free (includes single day clock, analog/digital display, and customized views).

  • Pro Plan: $7.99/month (includes all free features plus instant messages, alarms, weather info, photo sharing, and more).

Key Features:

  • Clear, easy-to-read day clock.

  • Two-way video calls and music playback.

  • Alarms, reminders, and real-time weather information.

  • Multiple day clocks and family members per account.

  • Google Calendar integration.

Comparing GrandPad and RecallCue

  • Target Audience: GrandPad is for seniors who are independent enough to interact with a tablet while benefiting from the simplified ease of use, while RecallCue is designed to be "hands-off" and dedicated for it's Day Clock on intended for those living with dementia or MCI.

  • Functionality: GrandPad serves as a comprehensive device offering both communication and interactive features such as games, whereas RecallCue is an advanced day clock with features that allow mulitple family members to act as caregivers from remote locations through messages, photos and reminders.

  • Pricing Model: GrandPad bundles it's hardware as part of a high priced subscription-plan, while RecallCue has a free basic plan and a low-cost pro plan which includes all it's features.

  • Ease of Use: Both are designed for simplicity, but GrandPad offers a more integrated solution replacing multiple devices.

  • Customer Support: GrandPad provides 24/7 personalized support, a crucial aspect for seniors. RecallCue offers email support and a full knowledgebase of "how-to" articles.

  • Connectivity: Both RecallCue and GrandPad offer features such as two way video calls and messaging allowing family members to interact with a loved one.

In conclusion, both GrandPad and RecallCue offer unique advantages for seniors, catering to different needs and preferences. While GrandPad is an all-in-one solution for everyday communication, RecallCue excels in providing cognitive support and caregiver interaction for those with dementia or MCI. The choice between them depends on the specific needs and capabilities of the senior user.

About The Author

In 2017, Dani Waxman founded RecallCue, a company driven by a mission to make a significant difference in the lives of people dealing with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or early stages of dementia. Under his leadership, RecallCue has emerged as a pioneering digital memory aid, designed to assist not only those living with cognitive challenges but also to provide substantial support to family caregivers.

Dani's approach to product development is deeply rooted in empathy and innovation. His work at RecallCue reflects his commitment to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families navigating the complexities of dementia care. Through RecallCue, Dani has been instrumental in bridging the gap between technology and caregiving, offering solutions that are both practical and compassionate.

As an advocate for dementia care, Dani continues to explore new avenues to support and empower those affected by cognitive impairments. His dedication to this cause is not just professional but also personal, making him a genuine and influential voice in the field of digital health solutions for dementia.



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