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  • Does the Day Clock tablet have to remain plugged in?
    Yes, to be used most effectively we recommend dedicating a tablet device to run Day Clock and to ensure that it remains plugged into a power source at all times.
  • Does each person using Connect need to upgrade?
    No! Only the initial user who created the account needs to upgrade to Pro and they can then "invite" other family members and caregivers to their account. Any user who joins an account will get the Pro version features and can interact with the Day Clock.
  • Is RecallCue Multilingual?
    The RecallCue Day Clock app is multilingual and can be set to display in over 10 languages. If you have a request for a language not currently supported we are happy to add support. The Connect app is currently only available in English but it can be used to send messages in any language to the Day Clock.
  • How is RecallCue different then a Dayclox Day Clock
    Like Dayclox Dementia Clocks, RecallCue offers a large easy to read clock with day, time of day and day of week information. The Pro version of RecallCue brings you additional levels of independence and relief to Carers and Family membersthrough real time messages, reminders, photos, 2 way video calls and more!
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